Restore your firearm rights before hunting season. Making lifelong memories with your children.

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Did your dad, grandpa, or uncle take you on your first hunt?Did a family member teach you to love and respect the outdoors? Do you want to pass this to your daughter or son, but can’t because you lost your right to possess a firearm? Our attorneys can help.

We know several people who grew up hunting with their dads, grandpa’s, and other relatives. They lost their firearms rights in their teens and 20’s, however, when they made some mistakes and got in trouble with the law. Since then, they’ve shifted to archery.

Over the last ten years or so, their children have grown old enough to hunt, but aren’t strong enough yet to be proficient at archery.

You may still be able to hunt with your children this fall by petitioning your County Court to restore your right to possess a firearm.

TIMELINE: The whole process can take less than two weeks and you may be able to get your right to possess firearms restored before modern firearm hunting season starts October 15th.

FEES: When possible, we prefer to keep attorneys’ fees less than an Idaho Nonresident Combination Hunting/Fishing License and Deer Tag and the whole process, including Court fees, could cost less than a Montana Nonresident Elk Combination (General) hunting license.

Get your past off your back and start making memories with your family today! Call 360-292-5833 and speak with an attorney to get the process started.

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